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Know Your Contact – the BlackBerry App you can’t live without!

August 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Having developed quite a few native Enterprise BlackBerry apps, thought of creating this useful BlackBerry App :- Know Your Contact

What does the app do?

When you save a contact to the BlackBerry phone book, add that most important information you would like to be reminded of  before picking a call from this contact the next time  he/she calls, in the Notes field of the contact creation dialog (usually the last field – much after the phone number, email, address.., etc  options).

For example, you might want to add the data of birth, employer name, preferred cuisine, interest areas, children’s name to the notes  section.

Every time you receive a call from a saved known contact, this app will display the Notes content on the incoming/call waiting screen. So Cool!

So just before you pick up a call from a perspective client you last talked to a year back, or a distant cousin who’s calling to dine with after a long time, let this app tell you what you know best about them – just before you pickup their call!

How do you download the app ?

You can download the app from here.

How do you install the app ?

Unzip the that you downloaded from the link above.

Now, there are 2 ways of installing the app on your BlackBerry phone :-

Using BlackBerry Desktop Software :
  • Connect your BlackBerry phone to the system and start the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  • Once the software discovers your connected BlackBerry phone, click on the Applications tab.
  • Select install new app and select the KnowYourContact.alx file present in the downloaded application’s folder.
  • Click install
Another way of installing the app is by extracting on your phone.
  • Browse the extracted files and click(Run) the file KnowYourContact.jad.
  • Press Yes/OK/Next for questions asked on the following screens.

This should install the app on your phone!!!

By default, the application is disabled. To enable the app, i.e. to enable displaying Contact Notes on incoming/waiting calls, click on the KnowYourContact application icon kycdisplayed on your phone home screen or the downloads folder. Now, select enable app.

Browse source code of the application here (reviving an old repo by my name).